Sunday, October 28, 2018

Enjoy a hearty ride through Fall colors as you join the Tour de Leaves Grande
Relax as you wind through the rolling foothills, immersed in a full array of colors on Polk County, NC's equestrian roads.

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Tour de Leaves Ride Benefits
This year's Tour de Leaves ride will benefit Child Welfare programs in Polk County, North Carolina. The Department of Social Services is thankful for your love and support.


Natures Storehouse

Tour de Leaves was started in 1998 by the Henderson County Family YMCA to provide scholarships for low income youth in the community. During the course of the first seven years, the venue for the start of the Tour changed from year to year. In 2006, Harmon Field became the venue for the Tour, and it has remained at this location since that year until 2017. At the end of the event in October 2008, the Henderson County Family YMCA passed the Tour to Friends of Harmon Field who hosted it for four years. The TdL continues to raise money for local youth groups in Polk County.

In 2013 TdL was kept alive by a local group of bicyclists who love the event. The course routes remained the same through 2015, and the event continued to be held on the third Saturday of October each year. Three routes were offered: (1) Tour de Leaves Grande, 66.3 miles; (2) Tour de Leaves Lite, 31.9; (3) Tour de Leaves Family Fun Route, 4 and 8 miles.

Beginning in 2017 Tour de Leaves will be staged from Polk County Parks and Recreation at their site on Wolverine Trail in Mill Spring. The event will now be on the last Sunday of October. Two routes will continue to be offered: (1) Tour de Leaves Grande, 66.3 miles; (2) Tour de Leaves Lite, 31.9.


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